48 hours of startup life, guided by actual founders.

Gain hands on startup experience

Startup Academy is a three day action learning program covering modern entrepreneurship techniques like Effectuation, Customer Development & Lean Startup.

Participate and you'll learn how to validate a business idea and to decrease market risk whilst making progress. Learn to assess and adjust your idea before you waste your time and savings on building something nobody wants.


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Signals steer you towards success

Ignore them, and you will crash

- Paul Graham

On Friday you will get introduced to the program, and the core principles of successful entrepreneurship. We'll host a pitch session, where you can pitch a problem you would like to solve with a startup. We will form teams on the most popular problem pitches, and we will take the first steps to form hypotheses on the target audience.

On Saturday is when most of the workshops and hard work get done, we will test to see if our target audience actually recognises the problem, and try to get true data from them. This is also the day that experiments or even MVP's can be built to (in)validate our hypotheses.

On Sunday, we can run one or two more sprints, and in the afternoon we will wrap up with a final Progress Report, where we share what we've learned about our startup's viability. We will have a simple award, and certificates of participation for everyone that completed the program.

"Make something people want"

Not a hackathon

We know how, it's about finding out what should be built.


09:00 Welcome & breakfast

09:45 Progress Report

10:00 Customer Conversations workshop

10:45 Sprint 2

12:00 Lunch 

12:45 Progress Report

13:00 Experiment Design workshop

13:45 Sprint 3

16:00 Progress Report

16:15 Sprint 4

18:15 Progress Report

18:30 Dinner

19:30 Fishbowl with guest

20:30 Sprint 5

23:00 Doors close

Preliminary program:


09:00 Welcome & breakfast

09:45 Progress Report 

10:00 Sprint 6

12:30 Lunch

13:00 Progress Report

13:15 Sprint 7

16:00 Deck due

17:00 Final Progress Reports

18:00 Drinks

18:30 Awards & certificates

19:00 Doors close


18:00 Welcome & pizza's

19:00 Introduction

20:00 Problem pitches & team formation

21:00 Progress Report workshop

21:30 Sprint 1

23:00 Doors close

Coaching and progress asessment by experts

The most valuable aspect of Startup Academy is its faculty.


Bob Jansen

co-founder Firmhouse

Raymond Hannes


Leon Pals

Chairman Startup Foundation

Kees van Nunen

Partner Value First

Prev. Founder SNTMNT

Robbert van Geldrop

Partner Firmhouse

Prev. Founder BackupAgent

Hans van Gent

Founder InboundRocket

Simone Driessen

Editor Startup Foundation

Get the Startup Academy manual and access to discounts by leaving your email address now.

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