Friday 19:00 - 22:00

18:00 Welcome for Pizza’s

19:00 Introduction and Challenge

20:00 Problem pitches and team formation

21:00 Workshop: Progress Report Board

22:00 End of day 1

23:00 Get out of the building and rest

Saturday 09:45 - 21:00

09:00 Welcome for breakfast

09:45 Progress Report sprint 0

10:00 Workshop: Qualitative Research

11:00 Sprint 1: get out of the building and test

13:00 Lunch

13:45 Progress Report sprint 1

14:00 Workshop: Quantitative Research

15:00 Sprint 2: get out of the building and test

17:00 Progress Report sprint 2

17:15 Sprint 3: (in)validate

19:15 Progress Report sprint 3

19:30 Dinner

20:00 Fishbowl with guest

21:00 End of day 2

23:00 Get out of the building and rest

Sunday 10:45 - 19:00

10:00 Welcome for breakfast

10:45 Progress Report

11:00 Sprint 4: Double down on signals and patterns

13:00 Lunch

13:45 Progress Report

14:00 Sprint 5: Gather more data and build deck

16:00 Deck due

17:00 Final Progress Reports

18:00 Break

18:30 Awards and certification

19:00 Get out of the building and rest

Startup Academy Program:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I need to pitch an idea?

No you don’t have to. Please realise that we’ll first try to validate that the target audience actually has a problem worth solving. This is why we ask our participants to not pitch a solution, but a problem they’d like to solve.

Can I come for parts of the program?

Yes. But you might miss important information. If you can’t make it for certain parts of the program, please check with us, so we can make sure you still get most of the value.

Do I need to come with a team?

No. Everyone is treated as an individual at Startup Academy. We form teams during the program to work on startups, but these can be reformed, just like the startups can.

Can I join with my existing startup and team?

Yes. But please realise that starting the event with a new idea, and other people, will give you the best learning experience.

What does Startup Academy cost?

A typical three day professional workshop like Startup Academy will cost you upwards of 1,200.-. However, we run Startup Academy to make sure you have what it takes, not to make a profit. This is why our events cost you zero to 399,-, or if your employer pays for your participation, it will cost them up to 599,-. The exact cost depends on your personal situation, how fast you book and if you’re eligible for a scholarship.

What do I walk away with afterwards?

You will have practical experience with the techniques that matter today. Such as; Effectuation, Customer Development, Agile Product Development, Design Thinking, and Lean Startup. Furthermore you’ll meet likeminded participants and experienced coaches, who are real founders. Teams often generate revenue, and everyone receives a certificate from the Startup Foundation.

Get startup experience

Hands on with startup life, guided by real founders.

Startup Academy is a three day action learning program covering modern entrepreneurship techniques like Effectuation, Customer Development & Lean Startup.

Participate and you'll learn how to validate a business idea and to decrease market risk whilst making progress. Learn to assess and adjust your idea before you waste your time and savings on building something nobody wants.

Grab your copy of the Startup Academy Manual, or register for the next event.

Because we have delivered dozens of these programs and hundreds of workshops, teaching and coaching over a thousand entrepreneurs. We also have had the pleasure to do our events with Eric Ries, Tendayi Viki, Tristan Kromer, and Brant Cooper, and for organisations such as and Google.

Why Startup Academy?

Startup Academy is a program ran by Startup Foundation, a registered, independent, non-profit. Startup Foundation was registered in 2012 to organise events like Startup Academy, but is now a global network organisation. See for more information.

Startup Foundation


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"Great events, great environment"

- Hoang Pham, head of growth at Mollie

"The best startup academy programme in Europe, world class"

- Dr. Tendayi Viki, author of 'the Corporate Startup'

"The best way to experience what it is to be a digital entrepreneur in a packed 48hrs weekend thrill. It's the best first personal investment you can make"

 - Richard Lagrand, program director Startup Bootcamp

"Startup Academy helped me to bring the lessons on entrepreneurship that I read about on paper, into my actual way of working and mindset. With the combination of the hands-on 'learning by doing' approach, informative workshops and great coaching I had a great learning experience and a fun weekend"

- Bart van de Zande, co-founder Impact Express & Ikigo